books read december 2016

by cyclopscinderella

New year, same questionable prioritization of reading over real life probably.

I did a lot of reading in the month just gone but there are a lot of books not included here because I haven’t finished them yet.  One of my worst habits is reading more books than I can realistically deal with at once – I usually have between five and twelve or so on the go at the same time – so it takes me a little while to finish things, usually, because I’m juggling them with so much else.   I had so many such books that I had out from the library this month and had to return when I came home for the holidays! I hope I can get back to them once I’m back in the city next week because there are some good ones.

Bloodhoof – Gerður Kristný

Got to the end of a class which used lots of A Documentary History of Russian Thought – ed. William J. Leatherbarrow & Derek Offord.

Stammered Songbook: A Mother’s Book of Hours – Erwin Mortier

Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea – Guy Delisle

Three Sisters Two – Reza de Wet

A Child’s Christmas in Wales – Dylan Thomas

Three Dear Canada books – a series which I loved when I was younger that I’m fond of still – Not a Nickel to SpareNo Safe Harbour, A Christmas to Remember.  It’s been fun to come back to the series this month and God knows, with the year it’s been, we could all do with some more comfort reading in our lives.

Twenty-Four Hours in the Life of a Woman – Stefan Zweig

Madame de – Louise de Vilmorin

Christmas Stories – ed Diana Secker Tesdell